Surgery Telephone        028 90 865 402

Home Visit Request      028 90 360 520


Prescriptions                 028 90 360 510



Health Visitors               028 90 360 512


Midwives                         028 90 808 239



Disease Management

 Clinics Available


Asthma/COPD Review, Diabetic Checkup, Chronic Disease Monitoring,

Lifestyle Advice, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Smear Tests.

Pill Checks and Postnatal Checks.


 When making your appointment, please inform the receptionist of the clinic you

wish to attend




Treatment Room Nursing


By appointment for Blood/Urine Tests, Dressings, Wound Checks, Blood Pressure Checks and Warfarin Monitoring at the Doctors Request


Telephone 028 90 865402 to make an appointment







Childhood Immunisation and Health Checks


Thursday Mornings






                                                  Antenatal Clinics

                                                  Thursday Mornings

Your community Midwives are based in Whiteabbey Health Centre,

if you need to contact them for any maternity  advice   telephone   028 90808241                                                                                                                                




Travel Clinics


We offer Travel Advice and Immunisations at the surgery.  Travel Clinics are not part of the NHS, therefore there may be a charge for this service depending of the immunisation(s) that may be required.


If you feel you may need travel advice or immmunisations, firstly please contact the reception staff. Please have the following information available.           


Date of Departure

 Details of locations to be visited

                                            Type of Holiday 


Reception staff will fill out a short questionnaire which shall be passed onto one of the doctors or the practice nurse.You shall then be contacted and informed of any travel advice or immunsation(s) that you may require and also of any fee prior to making your appointment if any immunisations are required.




                     Yellow Fever Centre


Yellow fever occurs in tropical parts of South America and Africa and is a serious infection caused by the yellow fever virus. 


 The vaccination for yellow fever must be given at least 10 days before your trip to be effective and to be officially accepted by the country to which you are travelling and  must be recorded on an official certificate.  This must be carried with you during travel as it may be requested by immigration officials during your visit. 

This certificate lasts for 10 years.


At the surgery, we can offer this service to both our own patients and to patients

who are registered with any other surgery. 


A fee of around £50.00 is charged for this service, this covers Yellow Fever Advice, Immunsation and Yellow Fever Certificate.  If you need to discuss this, please contact our reception staff.