Whitehouse Medical Group Practice


Important Patient Information

Important Message Regarding Emails


"Unfortunately due to misuse of the email service we will no longer be accepting any communication to the practice via email. Documents will need to be handed to reception directly. All clinical enquires regarding appointments will be conducted through telephone" 

Contacting Reception for an Appointment


To arrange a call back from the doctor, please phone 02890865402. We appreciate that this line can be be extremely busy and difficult to get through to at times.  Please also be aware, once the call queue is at capacity, you will be advised to hang up and ring back. 


Please note, if all the lines are busy, your call may be “dropped”. We have spoken to our phone provider and they are looking at possible solutions. Please keep trying.


When all the available appointments for the day are booked, we can only take genuinely medically  urgent calls up to a maximum safe capacity - once this has been reached, you will be redirected elsewhere as per BMA guidance. 


Please do not request medication or reviews using the emergency line.


Do you know that your local pharmacist is able to offer free confidential advice on various issues including but not limited to: acne, diarrhoea, ear wax, oral and vaginal thrush, scabies etc


Our admin staff have been asked to not give appointments to people arriving at the front desk. If you come to the surgery, you will be asked to phone in. This is so we are not disadvantaging people who cannot just drop in for reasons of disability or because of work or caring commitments.


Please understand that we are trying to ensure we can provide a safe service to as many people each day as possible but demand will always exceed capacity.


Thank you.

Pre-operative Assessments


We are not resourced to carry out pre-operative assessments and will no longer be facilitating this for our secondary care colleagues.  All pre-operative assessments should be carried out by the secondary care (Hospital) facility who are performing your procedure.  This means they can act on any issues found.  Unfortunately, this also applies for procedures being carried out in other parts of the UK.




Planning on having bariatric surgery?  Whether in the UK or abroad, please note we are not trained in or funded for the specialist aftercare required.


Please factor in the need for private follow-up (blood tests/dietician advice) when you are deciding if you should pay for this treatment.  Blood tests cannot be completed within the Practice for this.