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New On Line Repeat Prescription Service.

To register for this service please forward your your email address to  You shall then be given your own secure login details.


If you have used our website in the past this is no longer available for ordering your repeat prescriptions.


Please register with us to start using the new On Line Services. 




How do I order my Repeat Medication ?          


You can leave your request for medication on the answering machine at any time. 028 90 360 510. The reception staff check and deal with requests left on the answering machine and shall contact you if there are any queries.  We would also appreciate if you would let us know if you wish to collect your prescription or if you want your prescription to go to your local pharmacist for collection (pharmacies collect these once a day).  Please make sure that you order your repeat medication before you run out, but not so early that we are unable to issue another prescription.  Please remember that it takes at least 72 hours to process these requests and a message left over the weekend or on a bank holiday will not be dealt with until the next working day.


You can now order your prescription by using our online service, please speak to the reception staff as we need to register you for this service. You cannot use this service until we issue you with a Patient ID.
Remember to include your name, date of birth, the items you require, if you wish to collect or the name of the pharmacist you would like us to send your prescription to.

If you feel that you need an Antibiotic - Please telephone 028 90 865 402


In most situations, it is better to see the doctor and be examined before an antibiotic is needed.  However, if you suffer from a recurrent condition such as COPD or are not sure whether you need to make an appointment or not, please call between 8.30 am and 11.00 am.  The Receptionist will ask you some questions and pass this information to the doctor who will usually phone you back.  Often, the doctor will ask you to come to the surgery to be seen.  Please note, we never prescribe antibiotics for children under 5 years old without a face to face consultation.


If an antibiotic prescription is issued, this will be available for collection after 2pm.  We cannot telephone antibiotic prescriptions to chemists, but if you want your prescription left for collection by your local chemist, please be aware that chemists only collect prescriptions from us once a day, therefore it may take an additional day to get your medication. We would prefer that you request antibiotics in the morning, if you make a request for an antibiotic late in the afternoon, please note that you will not be able to get this until the next  working day.



If you want your local pharmacist to collect your repeat medication


You must order your repeat medication from the Practice we will then send your prescription to a nominated pharmacy of your choice. 

Once you have selected your preferred chemist we will then automatically send your script on

  Please be aware that if you avail of this service you must allow 72 hours (3 working days) before collecting your medication from the pharmacy.



Hospital Request for medication from Outpatient Clinics or Discharge Letters


If you have been issued with a note of any changes in your medication either from a hospital outpatient attendance or as an outcome of a hospital admission you will be asked to produce the note to the reception staff at the surgery.  Please note that hospitals should discharge you with enough medication to last for a few days

These medication requests are scanned onto your notes and are then passed onto one of the doctors to issue your medication.  We require a minimum of 24 hours to process these requests as we need to check your current medication against any changes that the hospital has made, you will therefore be asked to return to the surgery to collect your prescription.


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SAFETY as we need to make sure that your medication is updated and if any further investigations need to be arranged by us.






Prescription Processing Times




From the Surgery


If you wish to collect your repeat prescription from the surgery, please allow 48 hours (2 full working days) notice before collecting. Prescriptions cannot be collected by anyone under 16 years old.  Always check the name and address and the items on your prescription are correct before leaving the surgery.


By your local Pharmacist


Although this is not part of our service, we can offer this to you, but please be aware that your prescription shall take an extra day (72hours) to arrive at your local chemist.  Chemists come to the surgery once per day to collect prescriptions.  We find that a lot of patients go to chemists too early to collect their medication, and as a result of this chemists are making unnecessary telephone calls enquiring as to where prescriptions are.  This keeps our telephone lines busy and causes delays for patients getting through to us.